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No Animals On School Grounds (17ED-7)


No Animals On School Grounds

As much as we love them unfortunately animals (yes even pets) on school grounds pose a risk due to their unpredictability and sometimes aggressive behaviour towards children. Our Prohibition School Safety Signs feature No Animals On School Grounds and are used to enforce safety information to students, parents, visitors and staff whilst on school grounds.

We can personalise your school safety signs specific to suit your school needs and we can include your school crest / school logo. This is an example sign, we customise to your needs.

An optional Anti Graffiti Protection can be applied to your Custom Made School Signs, the film is built to protect the underlying signage surface from being damaged by graffiti and vandalism.

Features: UV protection, high abrasion resistance, allows easy removal of graffiti, excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, in a brilliant high gloss appearance.

We can make safety signs with customised wording to suit individual schools, School Amenity Signs such as Staff Toilet Signs and Student Toilet Signs which allow easy directions for staff, students and visitors to follow. We supply School Security Notice SignsSchool Prohibition Signs and Restricted School Signs for staff and student safety.

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