School Map Directory Signs

School Map Directory Signs are a diagrammatic representation of the school grounds showing all areas and buildings within the grounds and usually include a “You Are Here” point with directions to the school office and other key locations.


  • Made on ACP aluminium composite panel with printed vinyl and clear laminate protection
  • Can include any detail you need; school block locations, office, library, hall, exits, assembly points etc
  • Various sizes or your custom size

Ideas for your school map & directory sign:

  • School crest with your school motto
  • Carpark areas, school staff parking, school delivery areas
  • “All visitors must report to office” with location of office
  • School blocks & building identification
  • School classrooms, staffroom, library, hall, canteen
  • Exits, emergency assembly areas, safety messages
  • Any other information specific to your needs

An optional Anti Graffiti Overlaminate can be applied to your School Map & Directory Signs, the film is built to protect the underlying signage surface from being damaged by graffiti and vandalism. Features: UV protection, high abrasion resistance, allows easy removal of graffiti, excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, in a brilliant high gloss appearance.

Tip: When ordering your school map directory sign, advise where you propose to install it so that we can correctly change the orientation of the map to suit the location where it will be viewed.

We can help professionally design your school signs using your ideas and information or we can print using your own artwork. Our Custom Made School Signs can incorporate your school colours into the signs, whilst working closely with the school to ensure your School Sign meets with your high expectations.

Our technicians can happily meet local schools to discuss needs (Sydney area only) with wording that can be customised to each individual schools needs.

Need Custom Made School Signs? – We can help you

Signblitz make Custom Made School Signs for Department of Education Public Schools in Sydney NSW. We can custom make any School Song and National Anthem SignsSchool Office and Welcome Signs to create a professional impression for students, staff and visitors at your school, including School Lectern Signs which you can display your school crest along with Novelty Cheque Reusable Signs and School Promotional Signs.

This is an example School Map & Directory Signs, we can customise to your exact needs.

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