Sign Channel Brace Rail

Sign channel bracing rail is attached to the back of wide signs, for extra support on wider signs that are installed on posts. Use ARC brackets for installing to signposts.

– 3.2mtr lengths, can also be cut to your size
– Use ARC Sign Fixing Saddle Bracket to attach braced sign to round post (sold seperately)

Safety First: Prior to ordering, seek professional advice regarding your installation to make sure these products are suitable for your application. Always have your signs installed safely and correctly, and use a qualified and professional signage installer. As part of your workplace health and safety inspections, your sign installation  fixings and products (including associated posts, sign channel bracing rail, brackets, fixings, nuts & bolts/screws etc) should be regularly checked and maintained on an ongoing basis so that they are kept in a “safe working” condition at all times. See Sign & Product Maintenance page. Always seek permission to install your signs.