Coloured Traffic Cones / Witches Hats.

Ideal for traffic control, pedestrian control, delineation, roadworks etc…


Traffic Cone Colours / Heights / Weights:

Orange; 450mm 1.5kg

Orange; 700mm 2.5kg

Orange; 700mm 3.2kg

Orange; 900mm 4.5kg

Lime; 450mm 1.5kg

Lime; 700mm 3.2kg

Yellow; 450mm 1.5kg

Yellow; 700mm 3.2kg

White; 700mm 3.2kg

Blue; 450mm 1.5kg

Blue; 700mm 3.2kg

Optional class 1 reflective tape “collars” are available on traffic cones (150mm reflective tape on 450mm cones, 250mm reflective tape on 700mm and 900 cones)

Can also be branded with your company name or logo.