Aluminium “Low Clearance” Vehicle Height  Bars

Eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by over height vehicles. Available in 5 standard lengths, comes with 2 adjustable hanger kits with 600mm chains and “LOW CLEARANCE” text with your height number.

Material: Height Bar – 145 x 40mm extruded aluminium
Finish: Yellow powder coat. Galvanised steel chain
Lengths & Weights:
– 2 metre with hangers – 6.4kgs
– 3 metre with hangers – 9kgs
– 4 metre with hangers – 11.5kgs
– 5 metre with hangers – 14.2kgs
– 6 metre with hangers – 16.7kgs

– New aluminium design has 50% larger face for improved visibility
– Hanger assemblies now fully adjustable at stand-off brackets and height bar for simplified installation.
– Available in 5 standard lengths
– Height Bars are supplied with new adjustable hanger assemblies and  chain
– Powder coated yellow with reflective face
– Displays “LOW CLEARANCE” text and your height number (specify when ordering)
– Optional adjustable offset brackets available
– Freestanding surface mount or below ground posts are available for installation where there is no existing supporting structure