Signmaking Materials

What substrate material is best for your custom made sign?

We have a large variety of sign making substrate materials, sizes, methods and finishes to create your special custom made sign. It is always best that you can find out the exact specifications of how your sign needs to be made and what substrate material it should be made on or should not be made on etc. If you are unsure, we can give you more information on our range of substrates, methods and finishes to help you check the suitability before you choose.

Note: Customer is responsible to check the suitability of the signage substrate material and finish prior to ordering from Signblitz.

When ordering your sign, you need to consider a number of factors with regards to what will be best for your application; Is it a temporary or longer term sign? Will it be displayed indoors or outdoors? Will it be installed on a wall or post? What sort of finish do you need? These are some basic questions for starters, to help us offer you some suggestions on how we could make your sign.

Here is a simple list of our most commonly used signage grade substrates along with common sizes, if you need something different that is not listed here or a different size, please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can source exactly what you need!

  • Stickers Self Adhesive Signs – are a quick, easy and cost effective way to display your message. We use Arlon, 3M & Avery Sign Vinyl. Any size you need.
  • Printed Mesh & PVC Signs – are a high impact and low cost way to display your short term or temporary signs. Common sizes; 1500x1200mm, 1800x1200mm or longer sizes.
  • Corflute Signs – are low cost way to display your short term or temporary signs. Our Corflute Signs are 5mm thick. Common sizes; 600×450, 900x600mm & 1200x900mmm
  • Magnetic Signs – are the ideal way to display, remove and change your message. Our Magnetic Signs are 0.9mm thick. Sizes up to 600x300mm.
  • Poly Signs – are most commonly used for construction safety signs. Our Poly Signs are 1.4mm thick. Common sizes; 300x225mm, 450x300mm, 600x450mm, 900x600mm
  • Metal Signs – are a great way to display your long term sign on a wall or fence. Our Metal Signs are 0.5mm thick. Common sizes; 300x225mm, 450x300mm, 600x450mm, 900x600mm
  • Aluminium Signs – are a durable way to display your long term sign on signposts. Our Aluminium Signs are 1.6mm thick. Common sizes; 450x300mm, 600x450mm, 900x600mm
  • ACP Aluminium Composite Panel Signs – are ideal for large signage. Our Aluminium Composite Panel Signs are 3mm thick. Custom sizes up to 1200x2400mm. (Signage grade ACP)
  • Brushed Aluminium Finish ACP Signs – are used where stylish architectural finishes are required. Brushed Aluminium Finish Signs are on 3mm ACP Aluminium Composite Panels. Commons Sizes: 450x150mm, 600x200mm or custom sizes up to 2400x1200mm. (Signage grade ACP)
  • Door & Desk Sign Materials – Door & Desk Sign extrusions and inserts for custom made internal signage. Various sizes available.
  • Sign Making Vinyls & Inks – All the Sign Making Vinyls & Inks are suitable for indoor or outdoor signage. Vinyl Brands: 3M, Avery, Arlon and other popular vinyls. Inks: Roland Eco Sol Max.