Artwork Specs

The term “artwork” refers to the finished look of your sign, it can also be referred to as “the design”. In order for your custom made sign to be created it must be first drawn in a graphic design program. Artwork can supplied by you or we can help draw it for you.

If you will be supplying your ready artwork, we need it to be “print ready”. This means the only thing we need to do with your file is “hit the print button”. Your print ready artwork must drawn to the finished sign size, scale and colours. Print ready artwork can only be accepted as a Vectorised EPS or an Outlined PDF file.

If you will be supplying part artwork, such as a logo that needs to be dropped into a sign, we can help with finishing the design. Artwork charges may apply – the cost to finish the design will be determined by how long it will take; for example a detailed design that will take a long time will cost more than a simple and fast design, some very basic custom designs may not cost you anything, please enquire. Note, when we use your supplied artwork or partly supplied artwork, the finish quality can only be as good as the file you have provided.

If you do not have any artwork, you have the choice of using any graphic designer of your choice or we can help with your design. If you would like us to create your design we need as much information as possible such as; size, orientation, colours, font sizes, layouts etc, the more information you can give, the faster and easier it will be. You can even send us a rough sketch with all your information. Artwork charges may apply – the cost to draw up your design will be determined by how long it will take, please enquire.

Once we have drawn your design we will send you a proof for your review and approval. At this point, you may ask us to make any changes or if you are happy with design and ready for us to proceed with printing, you will be required to sign and date your design page with “Approved”. Once you have approved your design, you will take full responsibility for any subsequent errors found after printing, it is very important that you double and triple check your design before approving it!

Notes: If you require special colours, we will need the Pantone colour number or the CMYK values. If you need a particular font that we cannot match with something similar, you will need to purchase the font. If you require special pictos or photos, you will need to purchase these.

Important Note

You are responsible to seek permission from the rightful owners of any artwork; images, logos, pictos, photos, designs, signs, phrases/sayings or any intellectual property etc prior to ordering any signs, products or workwear from us that will require us to print such artwork on it. You will also seek permission from the rightful owner to allow us to redraw any artwork that may not be in a format suitable for us to print, prior to ordering. When a contact name and contact details form part of your sign or print job, you will seek permission from the person to allow us to include their name and contact details on the sign or print job, prior to ordering. We reserve the right to refuse any work that we consider in breach of copyright or that may be rude or offensive. Due to the large volume of electronic storage space we only keep signage artwork for 12 months, should you need a copy of your artwork you should request this at time of order or within 12 months of your invoice date. (See our Important Notes page).