Weatherproof Lockable Notice Board Cases

The ideal information display case for outdoor areas. Waetherproof lockable noticeboard display cases are the perfect way to visually communicate your important printed information.

– Unique water resistant design with iternal rubber seal
– No visible hinges, internal pivoting design
– Back board in bulletin cork
– For added integrity the back of each case is laminated

Product Specification Update from our supplier…
– All TX Cases are now supplied with double weatherproofing. A black rubber gasket on the board frame and a clear gasket on the door frame – double protection.
– All cases have a single lock with 2 keys provided.
– All metal stays have been removed from TX Cases due to OH&S concerns that people were relying on the stays to remain in place on extreme windy days. On windy days we suggest that a 2nd person protects the door from inadvertently closing.
– Cork is a naturally grown substance. 100% environmentally friendly. From time to time minor colour variations will occur in the cork. This in no way voids the warranty or is cause for replacement.